Whereis dvd(Navigation)

I copied whereis dvd using Nero but its not working. I chekced the content of both orignal and copied, it seems to be same. I used DVD+.

Does anyone know how can I get this working?

What do you mean by ‘whereis dvd’ ? If its a movie and you have a dual-format burner try dvd-r or try changing the booksetting of the dvd+r. You’ll have to do a search for booksetting and see if your burner supports it. What it means is when burn the disc, the dvd player sees the disc as a dvd-rom rather than dvd+r. You may definitely want to download Dvd decrypter. It will also copy data dvds when you’re in ‘ISO mode’.

hi thanks for you reply, Its navigation software for cars. I got dual layer burner. Nero its burning it fine but the navigation system doesn’t detect it.

Navigation dvds are often copy protected. Sometimes the copy protection is safedisc and, if so, a working copy of the dvd is impossible so don’t waste your time.

Check with A-ray scanner to find out.

Also you should be aware that even if the dvd isn’t copy protected with something impossible to copy, it’s quite likely that your copy won’t work anyway as navigation systems are notoriously picky about anything less than a perfect copy (and some won’t run any copy at all).