Where'd my files go?

Hello !!!

I was looking through your guides on how to use either DVD decrypter or shrink…and I found them YAY!!! first step done… :clap:

but as I was trying to figure what all the computer talk meant :eek: , I realized that my video files that I ripped are not in the folder nemore!! :doh:

they’re there when i want to view them with my dvd player on my comp…but when i go to burn them, they disappear…

I don’t know what formatting really is, but when I ripped them did I put them into the wrong format, so nowthe shrink doesn’t recognize it … i don’t know…does that even make sense??? :confused:

anyhoo, any help would be appreciated b/c i think i’m almost out of disc space so I need to get these off my computer…

Thank you so much

dac :flower:

Hi dac419 and welcome.

Ok, I guess first, your files are still there, either you’re not looking in the right place or the format remains unrecognized by the application you’re using. Where are the files now?
So we get our names straight…that’s dvddecrypter and Not dvdFabdecrypter…right?

If your hdd is that crowded, things will not go smoothly…or worse. You need room and dedicated usage when burning.

correct it’s dvd decrypter

right now…my files are under my documents in my ‘music’ folder…i know, doesn’t make sense, but that’s where they are lol :D… They are still there, because I go in that very folder when I want to watch them on my computers dvd player.

hdd?? i’m guessing hard drive? i don’t know comp lingo…i’m sorry…but I haven’t had any problems with my comp due to lack of space that I know of…

so if it is that it’s not recognizing the format…is there a way i can change that!!!

Just wondering if there’s anyone out there that can help me with my problem??

Well, we need some specifics, otherwise we’re just guessing at answers. If you ripped with dvdd, you probably ripped in ISO mode, so you would have to mount the image, say with Daemon Tools. I never do this and I rarely use shrink.
Anyway, dvdd and shrink are obsolete re: current decrypting capability, still very useful applications, however.
DVDFab Decrypter is free and is current and kept current by Fengtao (developer). Just click on the name (linky) to download. You could then plug this into shrink.
You could also download the trial versions of AnyDVD or DVDFab Platinum and see what you like.

oh okay…I really have no idea what mode i ripped in :frowning: and I’m guessing this ‘mount the image’ and ‘Daemon Tools’ is pretty difficult???

If I were to download this dvdfab decrypter…would that help me with my problem? Or are you just suggesting a better program for my ripping?

I have no idea what you mean by ‘plug this into shrink’…i am so sorry :frowning: :slight_smile:

Did you use DVD Shrink to copy the files? If so just open up DVD Decrypter get the ISO file and burn it.

No problem, no need to apologize for asking for help. We all started at the beginning, that’s for sure!

  1. Right, I wouldn’t go there until you gain some more experience.

2.Yes, it will help you. You can open the ripped files and burn with shrink or with another application like nero. Yes, it’s also “better” since it is still supported by the developer and remains current.

  1. Sorry, I just mean open the ripped file(s) with shrink or nero and burn.

i did use dvdshrink…but when i go to get the file…it’s not there…that’s my problem…is there a different way I should be getting the file if it is an ‘iso’ file?

Open up DVD Decrypter and on the left hand side right under the toolbar at the top of the box it’ll say source, please select a file. Move over to the right alittle bit and click on the yellow folder to retrieve the file. :iagree:

But you ripped in ISO, not in file mode, that’s why you couldn’t find it with shrink. Yes, you can use dvdd t or Img to burn, but they will not compress to fit on a single layer disc, which is probably what you’re using. Also, chances are, the movie is too large to burn to a SL mdisc without compressing.

But shrink does compress the file and you just burn with DVD Decrypter. I use both of them almost everyday. It’s the only DVD software i use.

dac419, either you see your files in Windows Explorer or you don’t. If you do (since you seem to know they’re in My Music) please tell us what they are… Is it one ISO file or is it a folder with AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS subfolders?

Please tell us what they are (or make a screenshot so we can see them).

EDIT: Shrink can work from an ISO as well as a VIDEO_TS folder, so if you browse to wherever it is that Decrypter ripped to then it must work. If you forgot where Decrypter saved, just repeat what you did the first time and it will show you again.

@Bryan S,
dac419 ripped with dvdd, not shrink and is attempting to burn with shrink, not dvdd, but can’t find the files with shrink.

Thanks for that, i missed it. :o
dac419 why not just delete the old file and start over and rip with shrink and burn with decrypter. :confused:

I would tell you what it is…but i don’t know how to find out what it is…iso…or if it has sub folders…sorry! I’m of no help am i?? I’m sorry for being such a headache…

maybe that’s what i’ll have to do, just re rip it all! argh!

thank you guys for all your help !

When you wrote as above (quoted), I responded with this…

2.Yes, it will help you. You can open the ripped files and burn with shrink or with another application like nero. Yes, it’s also “better” since it is still supported by the developer and remains current.

Yes, delete the files that are causing you such a headache and re-rip the movies with dvdfabdecrypter (link above in my post). This will rip even the recent releases with the latest copy-protection, Then, you can burn them with shrink as was your original intention…and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the files.

Good luck…