I need to get some TY media for my new DVD writer. I checked out rima.com and its expensive to get it shipped; anybody know of a place on the internet that ships in Canada and has it’s warehouse in Canada?

BTW, I bought two spindles (100pk) of Maxell DVD+R media (richojpnr01 code) for 49.99 canadian at futureshop; raincheck :frowning:

  1. Blankmedia.ca
  2. NCIX.com if you are located in the West
  3. Look for Made in Japan Fuji +/- R in your local Best Buy or London Drugs


Also some price indications for this week:
Blankmedia TY 8X +/-R 50 spindle $40.99 + shipping
NCIX.com special on TY 8X -R 50 spindle $49.98 + shipping
Best Buy Fuji 8X +/- R 50 spindle $49.99. This is BB’s regular price. Can be much lower if they go on sale. But make sure they are marked Made in Japan.


London Drugs stocks Ricohs under the name Maxell DVD+R. But they don’t sell in spindles; well at my local one just across the street. I wondered about the Fuji ones; trustable?

BTW, is Kodak media that says Made In Taiwan ok? I saw them at Futureshop while I was picking up some Ricoh discs. Just wondering…

I’ll check out blankmedia.ca and ncix; I live in the West


There’s only a few results at:


and they are not enough for a solid consensus. If your burner has no trouble with ProdiscR03 or S03, it probably won’t have trouble with the Kodak either. You can’t go wrong with the Maxell 4x +r Ricohjpnr01 media.

I’ve tried the Fujifilm 8x +R (Yuden000 T02) in my Plextor 712 and it’s awesome.


London Drugs here usually stocks Maxell in 15 spindle and Fuji in 25 spindle. If you want TY media, just look for Made in Japan label on the Fuji cakebox. As ftp1020 said, they are awesome. The MIJ Maxell are Maxell media. They are also very good, depending on your burner.

The Made in India Kodak 8X +R, on sale this week at Future Shop, has been reported in videohelp.com to have a Yuden00T02 MID. They are not real TY media.


Fake TY’s … nasty. Thanks for the tip. The better deals at FS were/are the Maxell 100 spindle for $49.95 (ricohjpnr01) and the BenQ -R 200 pack for $59 (sony 08D11).

I was just looking at rima, newegg, and bestbuy (US) last night and our American friends pay about half for media what we do. If you could get them to ship here and even with the currency exchange, shipping, and GST, they would still work out to be cheaper than blankmedia or NCIX’s best prices (ie. US$44 for 100 TY 8x +R’s vs. around C$50 for 50 here).

Now why is that?


Wow, their prices dropped. This was $53.99 only two days ago!

I can confirm that blankmedia.ca ships genuine T-Y media. I have purchased from them before on several occasions.


You’re mixing up the inkjet-printable ones with the silver surface ones; the silvers were actually $38.99 just before xmas and went up in price by $2 right after NCIX’s sale was over ;). However, they have a great deal going right now: 100 8x DVD-R (silver top) Taiyo Yuden TYG02s for C$69.95 +shipping.



The prices in the states are cheaper because they do not pay the levies that we do on media to supplment our artists for any copying that we do. We pay a quarter in tax on all dvd’s (that is a quarter each) 10 cents I think on all cd’s, even on audio tapes and video tapes. Because of this tax, our prices are higher, but we also are allowed to make copies of things without really having much to worry about. The RIAA and MPAA can’t really come after us Canucks because we have essentially already compensated the artists for the so called “lost sale” that they believe a copy will be.
Remember when they wanted to add even more…at one time they wanted the tax on dvd’s to be upped to a dollar each!! Even on mp3 players and compact flash cards and such we pay levies, so we can have our rights. I would rather pay a tax on media and be allowed to copy then to have cheaper prices and worry about being arrested and fined by a dinosaur that shoulda went extinct years ago :slight_smile:


That is incorrect. There is NO levy on blank DVDs whatsoever.

The original question still stands: Why do we pay double?