Where: worst fake Taiyo Yuden -/+R 8x discs NOW in EU?

I’m trying to find fake TY DVD-R or DVD+R 8x discs for sale in EU that are of especially bad quality.

The aim is to find, burn and test them - and compare to original TY for quality, publish the results for a local audience. I know there are plenty of results here, I’ll just do something similar locally.

For this I need a bunch of fake TYs that hopefully represent the worst quality segment of the available fakes.

Availability within EU via a mail order store that ships within EU.

Can anybody offer suggestions what to order and from which store?

It’s a bonus if they are not only MID-coded as TY, but sold in the webshop as made by TY.

Perhaps the Titeks will do? :wink:

Or maybe the primeons http://www.guenstig-brennen.de/catalog/

Primeon =MAM-E. And while MAM-E fake TY media is not the best stuff out there it isn’t the worst.

Hmm very bad fake TY hmm if you can still find these I could recommend them

1 - Infosmart - (Hyundai,Budget (TYG02), X-life, gigatain(*)) - But the problem is that infosmart + most brands no longer abuse TY code these days they abuse TDK and MCC codes.

2 - Intenso fake TY Yudent002 disc. Don’t know who made it but from the information about this media it is supposed to be really crap.

They’ve listed these primeons 2 days ago, but they had before primeons with T02 mid!

Thanks for the recommendations.

I think I actually still might have some Gigatain left (or my friend actually). I could use that.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s not sold anymore, as long as it reprents “what’s been sold as TY and the similar quality of which could be sold as TY in the future”.

Thanks again!


Could check out some of the brands on the link above, is also a lot of scans on the link which may help.