Where will we get new "official" NEC Firmware?

With the promise of a new NEC 3500 firmware coming in the new future I would like to get feed back from some of you with more experience and find out where those of us with OEM non NEC supported drives (all of North America) would plan to get official NEC firmware when this improved version comes out? I know there is an EU site and I know that all NEC 3500 drives are supposed to be the same but I have direct communication from NEC US OEM support that says European firmware has fried drives in the past. They have no axe to grind since I can’t buy a retail drive if I wanted to.

Many of us do not need to go the hacked firmware route. Just tonight Herrie’s is down until further notice so counting on hackers is not always possible.

Thanks in advance.

That is complete nonsense and totally false.
Everyone here gets their official NEC updates from the European website.

This is an official FAQ by NEC Europe:


That’s what they have to say about firmware upgrading:


Quite funny that they explicitly mention Herrie on their site. Just shows how famous that man has become … :slight_smile:

Nowhere do they mention that American customers should not use the firmware(s).

P.S.:Ridiculous how much they charge if you want to let them do the firmware upgrade for you though. That’s more than half the price the drive is worth…

Hey, don’t jump on me because of what NEC USA said, I agree that there should be no problem with EU firmware. I get all my Pioneer firmware from Australia because it is there before the US version. Thanks for confirming what I already believed. If you guys get it from Germany that is good enough for me.

Where on the Australian NEC site do you get the firmware? I can’t seem to find it.



They just don’t know how to make a f/w as good as Herrie did on the 2500, so they say don’t use it, LOL.

Look here for the latest firmware


He mentioned getting PIONEER firmware from that Australian site so it suggests its a PIONEER site, not NEC!

That would explain why I can’t find it.:iagree:

Sorry it wasn’t clear. I get my Pioneer firmware from the Pioneer AU site.

Thanks, but I’ll be sticking to NEC firmware as I need none of the features of the hacked firmwares, even the TDK (I am curious to see what is different though). Liteon does all bitsetting and my Philips is already region free. My AOpen is faster than the NEC with any rip-lock removed. I just use it for plain old quality burning.