Where will the bodies wash ashore?

All right this is a serious but very unpleasant thread.

There are still tens of thousands people missing after the tsunami that hit Asia. :sad:

I guess a small percentage will still lie underneath the ruins and trash, but the biggest part of those people are sweeped away into the Ocean (where else would they be).

I think 50% (75%) will be eaten by sharks and other predators, not a nice thought but it’s the awful truth.

But the other 50% (25%) will wash ashore …………………. but where??

Where do you think that the next few days/ weeks/ months bodies will wash ashore?

pretty morbid thread here namoh, but my guess is that not many at all since they’ll decompose/be eaten by not only sharks but the gazillions of other species in the ocean. that and natural decay processes have most likely already begun/ended thus leaving nothing to wash ashore.

what made you think about this? the impetus?

That’s what I said in my first line.
Is it to morbide, shall I let someone close this thread??

sends PM

/me wonders what happens if you report your own post? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got your PM Namoh, and while it is indeed a very morbid subject, it is also interesting and important. Any body that can be recovered from the sea is one additional prospect of identification and confirmation to the family that the family-member really is dead.

Just remember to keep the discussion on a dignifying level.

Thanks Airhead.

You think the same as I: it’s morbide but also interesting and important for families.

I wouldn’t wanna find a body that’s for sure … but how big is the chance that a body will wash ashore at the Dutch beaches?

I think that is not a situation you will need to prepare for if you study some currents

i didn’t say your post was inappropriate, simply morbid.

i totally agree with Airhead regarding identifying the dead and providing some closure to the families of the victims…

i still think there’s not much chance that bodies will was ashore seeing as it’s already 3 weeks past and even though probably thousands were washed out to see, that’s a drop in the bucket for the ocean. the vast majority of bodies (greater than the percentages you proposed) have been eaten and/or decomposed by the salt-water, sun, etc.

I know, but after my last affair with some of our management and admins I PM’ed Airhead and Dee-27 just to be on the safe side. :iagree:

Well I really have no idea how quick a body is perished … but I still think some bodies will wash ashore.

Some fishermen found bodies floating in sea … that’s really awful. :sad:

Sharks are not nice. :sad:

Nope, but you can’t blame them … that’s nature … but for the families that don’t have a body to bury it’s very cruel. :sad:

apart from not having a body to bury so people can begin the greaving proses. it is normal policy in the uk not to issue a death certificate for 7yrs when there is no body, which is just another burden for the familys to endure. thankfully the goverment here is looking into this situation and i for one hope they do the right thing for a change.

But don’t you think that the withdraw of all that water has influenced the currents for a small amount of time??

I agree 100%

i dont think many sharks are scavengers

The great white is. :eek:

sorry, stand corrected. thought the smaller sharks were :stuck_out_tongue:

//doesnt have discovery channel anymore

The smaller sharks … I don’t know for sure.

Saw at national geograpic/animal planet/discovery channel (don’t remember which one) a cadaver of a whale (20 metres long) being eaten away in 12 hours by 20 great whites. :eek: :eek:

/still watches NG/AP/DC if I have time :stuck_out_tongue: