Where were you on 9/11

I did not get to see the Yankees play that day.


At home, watching something or other on TV. Switched over just in time to see the second plane hit the WTC :sad:

In the office. I remember the operator at the plant in Philadelphia called me and said “We’re being attacked”. Didn’t sink in at first.

Watching it live on tv and it was off its heads :eek:

I was working out of town on the late shift, I woke up and turned on the T.V. and the 1st plane had just hit the WTC…I watched it all pretty much the rest of the day until I had to go back to work.

At the office.
A couple of guys came in asking if we had a television.
We said “no, why?”.
They said that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.
I thought to myself “Yeah, right, if they don’t want to tell us the real reason, that’s fine with me”.

So I went online, and the regular news sites were extremely sloooooow, but apparently they were right. :frowning:

Since I didn’t have anything better to do, I went home and stared blankly at the television for the rest of the day, not quite believing my eyes. :eek:

I was in athens drinking coffee with friends, i found what happened from the news later that night.

I just returned from school, turned on the TV and…

I was at home asleep before going to class. Was woken up by my girlfriend at the time calling me and telling me that the towers were gone. I was sure she was mistaken and I told her so. She proved me wrong that day. :frowning:

Was at school. 6th grade. We were in homeroom, and the teacher just called our attention to it by changing the channel, and we gathered around. I was only 11, so didn’t really have a clue what that meant…

I remember that exactly. I came home from school, turned on the radio - the austrian station OE3, amd there were some knews about crashed plans and the WTC, but i did not quite understand them (i’m not really good at german). I turned on the TV (i had no internet back then), but there was nothing, i could only find some unclear information on the teletext of the Austrian ORF1.
Then i went to the driving school, and at the break we turned on the TV, and there it was everywhere…

Watch over second plane hit the WTC from across hudson river in New Jersey

I was teaching some Germans at a big cable TV company HQ. Someone rushed in to tell us to come and see it. We stood in the control room, surrounded by televisions from every major channel in the world…well one hundred or so…
It was bizarre to see it multiplied like that…and from every conceivable angle, and replayed time and time again.

I was teaching in a prison. When the attacks happened, the lesson plans went out the door.

just Brought my 3 Boys home from School.
Kids are the first to put TV on, Watched it on CNN news .I was in the Kitchen " mom a plain few into a Building" Watched the rest of the Day into the night in a Trance like state .
a real sad Day :frowning:

I was laying in bed watching the early morning NBC news and I saw the 2nd plane crash into the building as it happened… was surreal :eek: … At first I thought it was some kinda ad for a movie till I realized it was still the news… I was riveted to the telly for the rest of the day.

I had just woke and turned on the tv in time to see the second plane hit…then I sat the rest of the day in shock.

Washing my car,When I heard about the first plane hit, I thought accident, when the second plane hit, I knew there was big trouble.:sad:

teaching a 7th grade math class, another math teach on plan period gave me the news.

I turned on the t.v. and went to grab my coffee.

I came back just after the first plane hit.

I dropped my coffee.

EDIT: The part that scared me the most, was my son was a month away from being born. At that time, in my mind…[I][B]anything[/B][/I] could’ve happened.