Where were you during the Great Freeze in 2012?

Everyone remembers back in 2014, when southern Europe got hit by the worst winter in recorded history, when temperatures dropped below -20degC, and the summer passed them by never to return, and northern Europe was struck by heatwaves, with winter never arriving again. The following decade, the rest of world following … the droughts, the storms, the shortages, the anarchy, the human race humbled before the planet they attempted to dominate?

Where were you, when humans realised they’d fubar’d the planet, and the handful of surviviors cleaned up their act, after realising that the Earth could heal itself, only by itself & human attempts to intervene only caused severe trouble?

Can you remember? The remnants of humanity?

I was visiting the Blu-ray factory of Taiyo Yuden in Fukushima.
After that, I continued living as a bum in Akihabara in Tokyo under a bridge, where summer and winter still exist…

Of course, everything in this post is pure fiction :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remember a thing I was 6ft under then. :frowning:

I was at home watching such classics as The Day after Tomorrow, the Mad Max series, The Postman, Salute of the Jugger, and other non-fiction documentaries on my pedal-operated home entertainment centre.

asleep or dead

Well I was showing kg_evilboy a little of Japan when he came over.

I was contemplating suicide because my ice-making business was going down the tubes plus someone took my entire collection of movie crystals. :frowning:

didn’t affect me: I was already dead!!!

Since I’m from Canada, a lot of us made it through the chaos. We were all used to the crazy weather. We made sure to eat lots of greasy food (the Americans helped with their secrets and traded us their hamburgers for our maple syrup) so we could build up our natural body fat to hibernate through the coldest parts of it. I’ve always liked sleep, so truth be told I almost enjoyed a lot of it.

I was probably having sex and deleting Ssseth’s sig at the same time.