Where to?

Holiday season is coming up and as usual i have absolutely no freakin idea if and where the hell i should go to on this fine blue/green planet of ours.

Any suggestions of places, events or happenings i absolutely must see at least once in my lifetime? Consider the budget of a normal average person, not rich, not entirely poor (yet) and give me your greatest ideas ever.
I got a small car, so i could travel anywhere in Europe, but taking a plane to somewhere is also a neat option.

I was thinking of a 7 day train trip through the UK myself, but perhaps the collective minds of the cdfreaks forum would advise me other neat areas to visit?

camping in the netherlands?
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forget it :stuck_out_tongue:


forget it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wise decision. :iagree:

What do you want?

Gran Canaria is nice for once.
The Dominican Republic is also very very nice but you should go at least 2 weeks to enjoy everything.
One of the upcoming countries to visit is the Czech Republic.

red light district :bigsmile:

Nature would be nice. I’ve been to the south of France (Rennes Les Chateau) last year and was pretty impressed by nature’s beauty.

Hire a narrow boat in the UK… It’s relaxed and the sites are beautiful. Must be with two persons though, to cross the locks. But it’s very easy going, zipping beer on the back of the boat, cruising from one village to the next, now and then a big city…

The scottish hills.

Why not visit Kenny and his wife and daughter. :slight_smile:


Consider the budget of a normal average person

G/f is just back from Prague, she say’s it’s a beautiful city, worth a visit for the architectural beauties. She was pis*ed off, there was no cider :a

You don’t have to pay a hotel etc.

You only need money for the flight and 50 DVD-R’s for Kenny. :stuck_out_tongue:

What was her name?

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iraq…(bring your flak jacket) hehe j/k

Ho Brah,

Howzit? You need stay Makaha side. Come fo week, ya! You stay beach, chill wit Da Bruddhas an dig da kine surf ya! Makaha Sons play all summer ya! Long plane ride ya, but so da kine eh! You come see Tunder, he hook you up ya! Oh ya, you go Aloha 'Aina too, ya for da kine grinds, so ONO!!! Oh Brah da kine got da choke wahine, no. No be lolo ya. Eh, you pau hana you get eriding, no foget slippahs, come we talk storey. I get you planny mahus Brah. :wink: Ho Brah you come bumbye ya? Got da kine wahine Brah…

Here: http://www.sziget.hu/festival_english/news/59615.html

Lake District, UK

Extremely beautiful!