Where to start?

I have 2.6 gigs in 11 avi files that I would like to burn onto a dvd so I can watch them on my tv. I’m not sure which format I should be looking at burning them on, or how to convert them (if necessary). Are these simple questions that can be answered here, or is there a tutorial regarding this that I just can’t find?

I do have nero 6

TMPGEnc Plus --> TMPGEnc DVD Author

You do need to make some calculations on your own to be sure that all files (if possible while still maintaining decent quality) fits on one disc.

I use Cucusoft AVI to DVD to convert to DVD cmpatable MPEG’s then IfoEdit to convert to VOB’s then burn with Nero. Works for me.

i use cucusoft converter to convert from avi to dvd files,

then cucusoft dvd burner to burn the files straight onto dvd disk and get excellent results every time,

i only put one film per disk though,

usually i find an average film of say 700mb avi ends up being 1.6 - 2.4 gigs once converted,

good luck