Where to start?

Please be patient, I’m a newbie. I am a pastor and would like to use captured video clips for sermon illustrations. It is very commonly done and I know that but I want to make sure I’m not violating copyright infringment laws if I do it. I have been told that copyright laws permit use of video segments of commerically copyrighted material for up to 10 minutes in duration for non commerical usage. Can anyone clarify those guidelines for me or at least tell me where to look? Second, can anyone recommend a relatively straight forward and inexpense capture and edit software that is compatible with Windows XP? One option that would be very helpful is the ability to edit out objectionable language. Again this is for small video clips of 10 sec. to 3 mins in duration, with relatively little if any editing. Thanks

you don’t say if you intend to burn the captured video to DVD or whatever. if so, you could use NeroVision Express. When you get to the add files option choose capture from . . .