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Hi everyone!

I am new to the scene and before I post my question I just want to make sure where the right place would be to do it. My question is about a process in how to add multiple ISO images (movie images ripped using anyDVD), building them appropriately with DVDshrink and then burning the resulting ISO with imgburn using a Dual Layer Disk.

Thank you for any help in advance.


i just burned my disc with two movie ISO’s on it and the movie i put first (Taken) played all the way through. HOwever, the second movie (Beowolf) didn’t even play. I think it is because the way i burned/set up the disk, the laser on my DVD player isn’t being told to switch to the other movie (Beowolf).

Putting two large dvd movies onto one disk is not recommended due to the extreme compression you’d have to have in order to make them fit. Unless of course you are using a double layer dvd, or if your movies happen to have fairly short running times.

In any case, to have both movies work you’d need to reauthor them and make a menu to select the movie you wanted to watch. This would mean losing the extras and the original menus.

If you are interested in this approach, I can suggest a few programs.

If you absolutely have to have two movies per single layer dvd, you’d be much better off converting to xvid avi and buying a dvd player that can handle that format.

Thank you for your response Kerry, here is a link to the process in which I am using to get the job done.


Also getting a program you suggest isn’t a problem for me even if it has to be paid for. I am very good at getting cracked versions online for free.

You do realize you are talking with one of the moderators of these forums? The rules of the forums preclude us from discussions of materials downloaded without permission of the copyright holders. That includes both commercially made movies and software, so mentioning cracks for software is an automatic shut-down of this thread.

There are some legal download services for videos, which usually involve payment. And there are some videos that are in public domain. Those types of downloads we can help you with.

We can also discuss backups of dvds that you own. Making copies of rented dvds is, however, not legal in any country that I know of, and cannot be discussed in these forums.

I therefore cannot help you in this endeavor. Please read the rules of the forum carefully before posting again.

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