Where to place NERO serial

I want to enable nero for all users who use a PC. When I run nero I’m asked for the serial number. Nero saves it in ~/.nerorc. Where do I have to copy it (either the serial or .nerorc) so every user who logs in to the PC can run nero without adding the serial again?

You can create a file in /etc/nero/nerorc that will contain this:

NeroSerialNumber=Your Serial Number

This file will be parsed before the user’s one (~/.nerorc) and so a default serial number can be provided here.

or just run it as root and put the serial in…

No! This will just create /root/.nerorc, that will contain the serial number for the root user.

hi mathf;
new to linux…a general question if i may;
is the /etc dir the default one (and it’s subdirectories) generally where most ‘global’ definitions/settings reside ? iow - when looking to change system-wide (or all users) attributes / preferences / environment variables - this /etc dir would be the place to look, whereas the /user dir will contain most user-specific settings.

Yes you are right. Normally /etc contains configuration files. For some programs like web servers, it is the only location where config files are, but for some other apps, like user-apps, there is the default config file in the directory.

thank you very much for the clarification/affirmative - i learned something form that - thanks

you’re right there - well that’s a bit crap isn’t it?!

Thanks alot, it was the correct place.