Where to install DVD-ROM?



I just bought a LiteOn 166s DVD-ROM. My HD is Primary Master and my 2500 is secondary Master. Where should I install my 166s? Should it be set as Primary Slave or Secondary Slave?

I am pretty sure I have read here in the past that it should be Primary Slave. My salesman is adamant it should be Secondary Slave. He says if it is Primary Slave it will slow down my computer significantly.

I listen blindly to salesmen. I would appreciate if you could tell me where I should install my 166s DVD-ROM.


As long as you place the two optical drives (the 2500a and the 166s) on different IDE channels, you should be okay. Should you ever do a dvd-to-dvd copy, it’ll allow for a smoother/faster process than if you had both drives on the same IDE channel.


where did you buy that??? i have been looking for a good price on one of these.


Newegg has an oem 166S for a mere 25 bucks right now!
I may pick one up myself :bigsmile:


I need a black one though. :a Is that black one on newegg for $32 just as good? it says it is a 166 and not the 166s. does that matter?


You can get the Sony DDU1612 in black for $30 shipped. I have one and transformed it to a 166S. I should’ve waited, could’ve saved $0.99. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


The newegg ad in this months’ PC magazine had the black OEM 166 listed for $25


Originally posted by wesociety
The newegg ad in this months’ PC magazine had the black OEM 166 listed for $25

THANKS, my brother gets that mag! I will have to borrow it so I can order one. EDIT(neweggs website says all orders must be placed online; if that is the case then how can they advertise prices in a magazine, then raise them so soon?)

is the black oem166 the same as the 166s?.. will I be able to flash it with 166s firmwares?


Yep, it’s the same drive.
And yes it looks like they upped the price to $32.
The ad specifically states that their prices are subject to change…
It is pretty disappointing that the $25 price is advertised in the MAY issue of PC Magazine, and they raised the price already (prior to the start of May).