Where to get Taiyo Yuden in UK?

Where is a good online supplier in uk?



there’s aslo aprmedia


but have a look around for more

Ive seen digitalpromo.co.uk aswell, never used them though.

Currys and PC World also have some Taiyo Yuden media available every now and then. But you have to really search for them and you shouldn’t expect them to be cheap either. :disagree:

^ Verbs are all MIT MII or MIC now, Panasonics are now MIT or MII in 100spindles, there are some MIJ in 25 spindles (16x) but at £14.99 now worth it. They dont really stock any other brands which are still MIJ TY’s. For us UK peeps its far better and cheaper to order online.

svp have always been reliable for me and aprmedia the same both very dependable company’s.

Are these likely to be any good or should i stick with Taiyo Yuden.

I have a NEC 2500 BTW with dangerous brothers Dual Llayer firmware. I am not sure if + or - r’s are better?

there is also http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/product.php?lang=&submenu=&menu=&product_id=14702&session=ae3dfbdba656e8de139d0c0d6643111a but they’re the same price at aprmedia. However if you live nearby bigpockets warehouse you can collect your items in person which saves delivery charges :slight_smile: . Good for me then cos I can get those TY for less than £20 :cool: I’ll be picking up a cake or two on Monday :stuck_out_tongue:

SVP have that too, I think…

Have a look in the following thread. Even though the poster of that thread asked about Belgium, some of the answers are also relevant for you:

Where to buy Taiyo Yuden ?

SVP. Nowehere else for me, unless I can find it in B&M stores (but you have to look hard).

About Verbies…PC World/Curry’s/Staples often sell Verb-branded TY CDRs. Look for the distinctive TY cakebox, and of course “Made in Japan” on the packaging…I have 100 here. :slight_smile:

They still sell TY CD-Rs? :confused:

I had a long hard look at all of my local PC World, Currys [I]and[/I] Staples stores about a week ago and they all had either Made in China or Made in India Verbatim CD-Rs.

I had to buy my Verbatim TY CD-Rs off Ebay in the end.

^ All the Verb CDRs in my local PCW were also MIC or MII. I also just order from SVP, unless there is a stunning deal around, they have always have great customer services, good prices, TY media, discount shipping etc.

In Staples in Bristol, at least, there are still 50pcs cakeboxes of TY Verb CDRs in stock.

My mum makes a dive for them whenever we’re in there :bigsmile:

Not the cheapest, but they have a good choice of originals. :flower:


Ahh, but mine will be pastel coloured when they arrive from SVP :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:
What price are those ty’s in PCworld. Ive still got 20 from a 50spindle of TY regular Verbatim CDRs from an US holiday 2 years ago.

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Ahh, but mine will be pastel coloured when they arrive from SVP :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:
What price are those ty’s in PCworld. Ive still got 20 from a 50spindle of TY regular Verbatim CDRs from an US holiday 2 years ago.[/QUOTE]

Everytime I’ve wanted the Pastels, they’ve been out of stock! Enjoy them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, as for the TY Verbs…in PCW they’ve been various prices. Got my first 50pcs cakebox for £9.99, had another look on another day, they were up to £12.99. Staples, however, have been selling them recently for £10.99, with no price changes.

Still pretty steep, but worth it to get them in my paws like, immediately :bigsmile:

£9.99 not a bad price especially for PCW, i remember about 4 months ago Sainsburys had MIJ Verbs £6.99 for 50, i saw them on my way out of the store so didnt pick them up, i didnt return to the store for a few months so they were all gone

I think the Extra Protection are superior to the Pastels :slight_smile:
I can get lots of Pastels (but it seems that they’re disappearing from a lot of stores recently), but almost no Extra Protection TY anymore. I was only able to pick up one 50 pack. :frowning: