Where to get quality 5x DVD-RAM media in the UK?


I have just invested in 3 LG GSA=4163B DVD writers. Now I need to get some decent media. I am after some DVD-RAM media avalibale in the UK.

I assume that it would be best to get bare media for this drive? Also, the fastest avaliable (assumeing the price is right) for this drive would be 5x media. Otherwise, does anyone have info on where to get cheap quality DVD-RAM media in the UK?


When I last looked - about 6 weeks ago - I could not find any. :sad:

I had to get them (Maxell 5 pack) from the USA. :a

Rambaud - Thanks.

You don’t happen to have a link handy do you? What was the cost of shipping like? I looked on ebuyer.com earlier but the cheapest media is around £3.50 not including shipping and there is no rating on it so I assume it’s 1x media.

It was from Ebay, IIRC. I’ll try and locate the deal.

Shipping was ~ US$ 12.00, I think.