Where to get Maxell 16x DVD-R?

I am looking for Maxell discs with MID MXL RG04 in Germany.
Any German member here can point me into a direction (any Saturn, MediaMarkt, online shop etc.) ?

If you’re relying on Saturn and Media Markt for quality media, you’re out of luck.
I have seen Maxell MIJ media (8x DVD+R, 16x DVD+R, 16x DVD-R) in Müller shops in the Stuttgart area, but this won’t be of much use for you. :wink:
The only Saturn carrying 8x DVD+R in my area is the Saturn Ludwigsburg.
Sorry for not being able to help you.
Maybe you could make a map of your area too and share it with us? :wink:

hmm no maxell media in the mediamarkt in germanny that suprises me.

Because Mediamarkt in holland (groningen/amsterdam ) does sell Maxell ! (but then again media is priced terrible thanks to the levy !)

I have no problem to get them here in my region. The shop is called Alphatec here in Homburg/Einöd (Germany/Saarland). They have Maxell 003 also, both for 4,99 5 pieces Jewelcases Made in Japan. But that doesn’t help you. I never saw them in Onlineshops now (some time ago I got some from MIX, but they have them no more). I think this media is too expensive for Online Shops.

It’s a shame you don’t live in the UK - both the -R and +R flavours of MIJ Maxells are easy to get hold of (in a supermarket called Asda). :slight_smile:

Each [I]Geschäftsführer[/I] of a Media Markt owns 10% share of “his” shop, which is a separate company. And he can co-decide which stuff to stock (although his decision power is very limited, some Media Markt stores for example are belonging to a regional or local [I]Verbund[/I] of stores). There is no such thing as a unique, 100% accurate Media Markt stock list.

Media Markt and Saturn both belong to the Metro group, but I personally have seen Maxells in Saturn and never in Media Markt in my area.

Many Müller shops here do stock MIJ Maxells (1 € per disc + jewel case), and with some luck you’ll run into MIJ Maxells at Saturn… so this is not that difficult…

Thanks for the replies.
Maybe I will check out the MediaMarkt in Münster.
The Saturn here in Hamm only has Verbatims, Sony and crappy Fuji (Prodisc) discs. Not much of a choice :frowning:

Well, the Verbies aren’t bad (if they are MIT). [B]Arachne[/B] has opened a nice thread about the outsourced Verbies flavors before…