Where to get LG firmware?

Do you happen to know if it can display Greek .srt subtitles with any firmware? Or if there is a custom firmware for 7500 ?

anyone please ???

Well i have the same problem…
I’ve tried on the tab setup menu __> subtitles ___> others ___ and the code for Greek characters but noting :frowning:
I have the latest ver of firmware

Hi all, I have the LG DR4810, I have downloaded the firmware from a previous post on here and wondered if anyone had any knowledge of how to install it, looking here I wonder if the same procedure would work for me. Any help would be very much appreciated! I’m a bit too scared to just go ahead and do it without confirmation. I am hoping by installing it, it will get rid of my problem of not being able to format in video mode, (it used to do it fine)other wise it’s off back to comet for a refund and time is running out for me! Also does anybody know if by installing the firmware it would fluff up the guarantee?

thanks in advance!

It will not do anything to the warranty if its factory firmware.

I have found this adress at videohelp.com:

There you can find a 6.xxx Version for the LG7xxx. Haven’t tried it yet,


I have LG DR4912V. When I am playing slideshow for the first time and it has showed all photos on the disc, it starts a new round but doesn’t show the first photo of the disc at all. Is there any firmware update available for my recorder? I think updating firmware can fix my problem. Thanks in advance.

LG RH7926W need update firmware


Timer Schedule lost when power failure, should have backup/restore in HDD.

Timer Recording only availlable during standby mode (Old Fashion), should do either in normal operation “ON” or “Standby”

Can not copy/backup DVD-Video to HDD, should works without violate legal copyright restriction, Should able to copy/backup DVD-Video form any DVD media into HDD and/or to DVD-RW VR mode only so it unreverseable.

Optimize/Defragmentation HDD also necessary features and a must for such a big 160/250GB.

Please refer to others brand good features eg: Pioneer (DVR-530H-S/DVR-630H-S/DVR-633H-S)

Ref: My unit is LG RH7926W (250GB) SET: VER=60126A Cware=prod045 BSP=23FME IO: VER=R02(D17) Loader: w.36 Mcar: VER0.40

Please help me!!! Where to download the Firmware of LG DVD Player DK 8590?

Unfortunately it looks that LG guys dont bother with user demands :-(((

Anyone knows if the firmware 60126A is the last one and where to get it?

[QUOTE=gmcmen;1229960]Download link for LG7500 firmware

Username: recordere
password: de

I have downloaded it, and I have tested it.
There seems to be different versions, but I understand 51214A is the latest.

It will NOT delete any recordings on your hard drive by doing this update?
The way I did it:

1 Select make CD-ROM (ISO mode)
2 Check it is set to “no multisession”
3 ISO mode should not be changed
4 Label should be set to RH7000_UP
5 Then choose new
6 Choose update file LG_HDR_UPDATE_51214A.004
7 Rename the file name to "LG_HDR_UPDATE.004
8 Click Burn, Write and Finalize, Write method – Disc-at-once should be used.

[ Update method ]

  1. First of all, Turn on the dvd player and then insert the disk in the player.
    2 Push HOME button and select DISK and MUSIC
  2. Following the onscreen instructions, Push REC button 3 times
  3. A screen will appear telling you your current firmware version, and asking you to confirm update, Push REC to confirm, it reads push “RECKEY” onscreen which may be confusing to some.
  4. A progress bar appears, it takes about 4mins.
  5. When complete, SWITCH OFF and then back on.

I find it now only takes 15 seconds from pressing power button until the channel appears.[/QUOTE]


I did exactly by this advice but when i insert cd disc in the player it says “unknown disc”, in fact it seems that my RH7500 does not read any cd disc!

I burned then the latest RH7500 RH7800 RH7900 ver 60728A firmware to dvd, put the dvd on the player, but when opening Disc, Music it says “no music title, yes” and nothing happens?

Information from Setup, Lock, 7889

loader: w.36