Where to get LG firmware?

I just purchased a LG RH7500 and I am really happy for this one (replacement for a LiteOn 5045 I returned - not reliable …).

I am at a loss however to locate any information regarding

  • where to download firmware updates for the LG RM7500
  • information of how to check fw version/update fw

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:


Somewhat related maybe.


@Kenshin: Thanx, but this really didn’t get me any closer to finding where to obtain firmware for the LG RH7500 … but much appreciated anyway :bigsmile:

Officially there are no firmare updates for LG RH7500.

@Alex: Oh - hmmmm … well, what about unofficially (and where to get) ??

Latest firmware for RH7500 is 50617A.

How do I determine which revision of software I have on on my RH7500?

Do you know of any sources of firmware update to fix things like chaser recording etc?

Look forward to your help


Go to Poland LG website at http://pl.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp

Then click on the floppy icon and select DVD/Video

Scroll down the page until you find the RH7500 & 7800 recorder.

RH7500 RH7800 ver 50617A.zip

However I have not tried this firmware version yet

Hi Club.CDFreaks,

I’m from Denmark (www.recordere.dk) and it seems you guys are into the same problem as we’ve encountered in our Danish forum: The lack of firmware support for LG Harddisk recorders :sad:

I went to this Polish site an got a copy of this 50617A Firmware, I loaded it and it worked fine, but…

Also, this firmware has a few glitches :sad:

A) When you play DivX movies with seprate subtitles, the LG recorder cannot recall from which character set you’ve selected (I normal use “Latin-2”), so you have to reselect character set each and every time… and

B) The interpretation of the time stamps on each subtitle line (Start Time and End Time) is NOT supported :sad:

Case B) means that 1 subtitle line will STAY on screen till replaced by another, so if there’s a pause in dialog in the movie (which happens a lot), any subtitle keeps sitting there (very annoying!).

Rumors go that LG has several!!! newer firmware copies in play (on their latest RH7900 model), but so far no one - and I really have been searching a lot on the internet - has got hold of a copy of what is reconned the latest version, the…

Firmware as of 17.10.2005
SET Ver:= [B]51017A[/B] Cware prod045 BSP=23FME 10 : Ver=R02 (D17)
Loader w. 36

I’m therefore curious to know, if either of you people here has a copy - or knows where a copy could be retrieved? Maybe one of you work with LG or so, as this is how a copy ended up on the Polish site :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Thanks to “AndersPier” at www.recordere.dk, here are some great news for you LG RH7x00 owners.
Anders already received a new firmware - 51214A !

You can get it here http://www.recordere.dk/forum/forum_...5&PN=1&TPN=100.

Please also post your experiences at: http://www.recordere.dk/forum/forum_...5&PN=1&TPN=100
as two threads gets too confusing for me to follow up on !

Thanks, AndersPier :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link but both report page not found? :doh:

Download it from here. I found this on www.recordere.de website

Download link for LG7500 firmware

Username: recordere
password: de

I have now downloaded it, but I have NOT yet tested it.
There seems to be different versions, but I understand 51214A is the latest.

If anyone has tested it, could they answer this question,

Do you delete any recordings on your hard drive by doing this update?

Download link for LG7500 firmware

Username: recordere
password: de

I have downloaded it, and I have tested it.
There seems to be different versions, but I understand 51214A is the latest.

It will NOT delete any recordings on your hard drive by doing this update?
The way I did it:

1 Select make CD-ROM (ISO mode)
2 Check it is set to “no multisession”
3 ISO mode should not be changed
4 Label should be set to RH7000_UP
5 Then choose new
6 Choose update file LG_HDR_UPDATE_51214A.004
7 Rename the file name to "LG_HDR_UPDATE.004
8 Click Burn, Write and Finalize, Write method – Disc-at-once should be used.

[ Update method ]

  1. First of all, Turn on the dvd player and then insert the disk in the player.
    2 Push HOME button and select DISK and MUSIC
  2. Following the onscreen instructions, Push REC button 3 times
  3. A screen will appear telling you your current firmware version, and asking you to confirm update, Push REC to confirm, it reads push “RECKEY” onscreen which may be confusing to some.
  4. A progress bar appears, it takes about 4mins.
  5. When complete, SWITCH OFF and then back on.

I find it now only takes 15 seconds from pressing power button until the channel appears.

I have a work colleague who is looking for firmware for the RD7400. Are there any similar links to firmware for this model, by any chance?

Please find test results upon this newest LG Firmware through this link:

Best Regards,

i have tried twice to upgrade my firmware but it wont work, as soon i put in my cd and press home, dvd and music it only says no music fil :rolleyes:

i used both dvd-r and dvd-rw

in nero i chosed DVD-ROM (ISO)
used “no multisession” labeld to RH7000_UP.

renamed the firmware to LG_HDR_UPDATE.004 even tryeid renaming it to "LG_HDR_UPDATE.004 with the two dots infront but nero wont accept them, the finalized and disc at once are already chosen but greyed out so i cant change it to anything else

did I miss somthing?
is there an other way to install the firmware

you must use a CDR to burn the file!

ok thanks for the fast reply:) I have to check if i have some cdr somwere laying around

The polish website has updated the RH7800 firmware page to v.51214A, the same version as posted here by Justin-DK at the danish forum

Thanks to Justin-DK who is also helping out on www.recordere.dk…

The latest firmware for the LG RH7***-series is 60126A…

The updates are now available on http://www.lge.com/
…go to SUPPORT --> DOWNLOAD --> SOFTWARE and fill out the rest:
Continent + country and then “DVD & VIDEO & SET TOP” + Operating System + SUBJECT (RH7500 for example)…
Remember to read the details about burning the firmware to a cd-r and how to install!!

By the way, if you have a INO DVD (LG clone sold in Scandinavia) you can use the same firmware updates (at own risk as always)