Where to get instructions for DVDfab decrypter?

I downloaded a copy, but there are no instructions on how to use it. Clicking the “?” just gives the software version. I checked the manufacturers website also and can’t find any directions on how to use the software.

All I want to do is make a copy of my DVD-R’s of home movies that I created on a stand alone DVD recorder. I don’t want to do any editing, there is no copy protection issue, I just want to make copies to giive to family members.

My Dell PC has just one DVD burner (+R). I’m assuming I can rip the DVD to the HDD, then burn it back to the same device.

I was told on another forum that DVDfab decrypter will do this, but I can’t get it to work. So maybe if there are some instructions to read I can figure it out. Where is the best place to go to get help for this?

Should I be using different software?

Hi simbot,

I believe you were misinformed. Fabdecrypter is useful for decrypting, which, as you’ve figured out, you don’t need. It does not contain a burn application, so it really won’t do the entire job.

You must have bundled software that came with your burner…perhaps it’s just on your hd, dell has a nasty habit of not including installation/software discs, but would like you to “buy” them. Anyway, whatever bundle you have…be it nero, etc., this should do the job quite nicely. If you experience problems, you can download a free trial of nero. There’s also freeware that can accomplish your job, like shrink or dvd decypter, but it’s sort of overkill, since your dvds aren’t encrypted.

Hope this helps.

As Tom stated you will need another program since DVDFab Decrypter only rips to HD removing. I could not get in this site but it should be up again soon. Look for posts by blutach and Cynthia has written several tutorials. Blutach has several links in his signiture that lead to free programs. They will not let you send PMs until you have 10 posts, You will need to register and that like here is free. I bet if you search their forum using something “copy home made DVDs” it will turn up several recomendations, Im a member over there using the same name. Blutach appears to read all posts not sure how due to large number and has about 20,000 posts homself.



you can go to the digital digest forum as per the previous reply.
there is a program called DVD Decrypter which will burn dvd’s, which you should be able to find there.
(DVDShrink is not a burner)
DVDD is a powerfu program, almost overkill for your needs, but its free and will burn.
As someone mentioned in aprevious post, i also am surprised that a burner program did not come loaded with your PC. NERO is a popular burner program

DVDshrink works in conjunction with Nero7 that will enable you to copy and burn a movie form DVDshrink to disc, DVDfab will also let you copy from your home movies to a blank disc… if i’m wrong someone plz correct me i want to help not confuse a person but this is how i make my backups of movies… :iagree:

Use programs suggested in other post on this thread.

There are many ways to do what you want to do. I’m not sure what Dell bundles with their computers because I build my own. If you have Windows XP, I think you can use their built in program. Download a free or trial program you can get one here for 40 day trial have seen good reviews for it, but never used it, but have downloaded and looked at it and have used other programs from this company. If you like it don’t pay full price get on their email list and they offer it cheaper they are offering version 6 for $15 preorder till 2/15 since it will be released on 2/16:

Buy one here for less than $5 shipped free they have several brands that are OEM versions that are usually bundled with hardware:


If you were here. I would give you a copy as have several copies that came with the many burners I have bought.


“you can go to the digital digest forum as per the previous reply.
there is a program called DVD Decrypter which will burn dvd’s, which you should be able to find there.”

I am running DVDFab Decyrpter, is that the same thing you’re talking about? Others have said it doesn’t burn, just rip.

AS far as I can tell DEll has not bundled any DVD burning software, it did come with a player.

I don’t mind buying whatever software I need to do this, but it’s not clear to me what I need. Sounds like Nero will do it, many people have mentioned it.

I’m running XP I don’t see any built in microsoft applications that have anything to do with DVD. MEdia player will burn CD’s but not DVD’s as far as I can tell.

Sorry for the confusion…yes I was referring to DVDFab Decyrpter, and it definitely does NOT have a burn engine. Your burner, which was installed by dell, has to have burn software installed…even dell wouldn’t pull that; you may even have the discs, although lately, like I said, dell has not seen fit to include these. Not sure what model you have, but if you look, you’ll find Sonic (or similar package) for burning and probably PowerDVD as a player.

I build my family’s pcs but my wife needed a laptop for work (no way I’m on the hook for that…:eek: )…you guessed it…she got a dell (I have no problem with the laptop itself, btw). As I set it up, I noted it had no cds. I was referred to the support website and told that I could purchase the discs (I don’t think so) or create my own backup of the os partition. Ok, only problem was that the application to back up the os was no longer installed or available… :a. I sent an email…polite and to the point…should I experience a hardware failure or boot failure…I was basically screwed, so could they, pretty please, send the cds. I was then referred to a "special " dell support 800 #, because my laptop was so new and special. I sent a second email…not quite as polite…suggesting that maybe dell wasn’t the right laptop and I would be returning it, should I not see reasonble and prompt resolution. Got the discs 4 days later…and no charge…imagine that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the long-winded story…it still pisses me off.
Anyway, if you can’t find the software, go to dell support, plug in your service tag, and download whatever bundled software that your entitled to. You shouldn’t have to pay one more penny for copying your home dvds.
Also, you can always download the free trial for nero, I’ll bet you’ll like it.
Other apps like dvd decrypter (freeware) will work as well. If you have problems or need links, just post back.


there is a difference betwwen dvdfab decrypter and dvd decrypter. although they almost look the same , they are two different programs… dvd decrypter is a burner, the other is not.

Still cant believe dell did not supply a burner program with the pc. when i bought a burner, it came with nero software.

Have you gone to dell website. search and type in your model and see what programs came with it.

finally, go to the digital digest forum, - http://forum.digital-digest.com/ - and do a search for free dvd burner. its also a good site in general for dvd burning. good luck. another site is: afterdawn.com