Where to get genuine TY media in US

I read some of the posts regarding TY blank media. I have been to supermediastore (which I bought from in the past) and a couple that were in the thread and in all cases when I clicked on the pic of the media the label says, “Made in Taiwan”. If they are the real deal just let me know, if not where do I go now to get genuine TY media now?

Genuine TY/JVC media were Made in Japan. The current Made in Taiwan variety are made by CMC using technology they purchased from JVC when JVC exited the disc production business. The CMC made discs are not the same excellent quality. If you want the real deal, you will have to search on eBay or similar.

Thanks. I can’t believe that supermediastore went south on me, they were recommended to me by someone on the forum years ago and I used them for years, although I haven’t bought any blank media in at least two years or longer.

ebay all the way baby!

Sorry but I forgot one other thing; In your opinion what is the best DVD+R-DL media to use?

Verbatim, Made in UAE

Agreed. Look for Verbatim 97000.