Where to get firmware for Verbatim 321240A(L) LiteOn?



I just bought the 32X CenDyne Lightning II for very cheap price after rebate and coupon (otherwise wouldn't have bought it since
I have other CD-RW drives; one of them faster).

Anyway, the CenDyne packaged drive that arrived is actually a Verbatim model 321240A(L)

It looks (faceplate, eject button, LED color and shape, "32X12X40X" writing) almost identical to my brother's LiteOn 32X; the tray also opens and closes with exactly the same motion as his LiteOn.
The writing tests with Nero CD Speed are almost identical as well.

The problem is that the drive must have customized firmware, because Easy CD 5.1 with latest drive patch and the new CDRWin 3.9A do not support it.

Is there any way I can flash it with a hacked LiteON firmware or something?

If not, I can use the other burners with those programs or my other programs that do support the Verbatim, but it would be nice to get it recognized :slight_smile:



Why don`t you check out the Lite-on forum…:confused:
It is a sticky post there telling you what you need! :slight_smile:

Besides these posts…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, please remember that flashing your drive with the wrong firmware WILL kill it!
It`s only use would be a paperweight or something…