Where to get cheapest yudens?

i prefer the dvd+r ones but they’re much more expensive than -rs.

i only know of rima and supermediastore. shop4tech is out till feb 17. anyehere else to get them cheap?

only real geniuine yudens

Not unless you can find some older Sony or Maxell MIJ stuff on sale.

every once in a while supermediastore sells 200packs of TY’s 8xdvd-r for 40 something which is the best deal you’ll get

also meritline sells TY’s $50 for 200 pack

I got 300 Sony TYG03s at Staples for $18 recently, but that was with price matching and coupons.

They have the +R Yuden T02 at AllMediaOutlet…


They still have them in 50 packs, too… most everyone else is only selling them in 100 packs now.

True but after factoring in shipping Rima is cheaper than allmediaoutlet and definitely has better customer service. @negritude he is asking for real genuine yudens. While the value line are authentic they aren’t anywhere near the same class as the premium 8x DVD+R (or DVD-R for that matter). I realize that results vary but I average about 5-10x the number of PI/PIF errors on my value line discs as I do on my premium Yudens.

You’re mixing up several completely different things. TYs rebranded by Sony and other companies are genuine TYs, with genuine hub codes and serials, so that was an answer to his question. Second, he asked for the cheapest TYs, and if you know how to shop, you can get them much cheaper in a brick and mortar store than you can mail-order. That’s a fact. Those of us who have been doing it for years here in the states can attest to that. Third, my experience has been that the TYs sold under the Sony brand are premium, or at least, they burn as well as the premium unbranded TYs. If you have evidence to the contrary, please point that out to me, I’d really appreciate it. Fourth, the difference in burn quality between 16x and 8x TYs is a whole different issue, one that is distinct and separate from the issue of premium vs. value line. You can’t conflate the two.

I think you meant @Blodulv, since you weren’t saying Sonys are value line.

have you checked you local sears stores to see if they have some old sony+R MIJs in stock
if so pricematch to 12.99/50 in this weeks flyers
see ripit’s post for exact stores

Sears was the last place I was able to find Sony +R MIJ’s. They were 8x 50 packs. Price match to either Staples or Best Buy like the poster above mentioned.

Both Staples and Best Buy have Sony DVD+/-R on sale this week which goes a pack of 50 for $12.99 then to find MIJ ones.

I have not seen MIJ Sony since June 2006 in my part of the US. I’m talking Louisville - Lexington and surrounding areas of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. And even then it was limited to Bestbuy in my hometown. Staples in my area have been MIT only for over a year. I HAVE NOT TRIED SEARS THOUGH.

nothing at sears. plus all b&m stores nearest that sell media are some 60mi away. factoring gas it’d be the same roughly.

You are right. Missed the post by one. Sorry for the confusion.

Well… here’s a deal i think. If supermediastore is a decent place to buy yudens, they take paypal. Paypal has a current promotion for $15 back on any purchase from now until sometime in March. SMS has 100 8x dvd-r with 100 paper sleeves and free shipping for 36.99. take that - $15 = 21.99. Is this a good enough deal? I’m actually asking because i’m new to it and looking for a decent set of 8x.

sorry they’re only -R mariachi.

let me know what you settle on

yeah value line arent as good as premium…but they’re cheaper and works fine…0.26 vs 0.29 a disc isnt much so its worth getting the good stuff lol :bigsmile:

my burners burn “value” tyg as well and better as the “premium”

I’ve gotten value line TYG02 and TYG03 neither if which were compairable to premium media, I’ve had far better burns with Daxon AZ2 then with the TYG03 value line. I’ve thrown away countless value line discs with visible lines/defects, I’ll never touch value line again it isn’t worth it. TYG03 premium on the other hand has burned almost on par with my Sony T02.

your burner must be dying or something

Umm no, i have multiple burners. My BenQs were spitting out 6k pif discs with a visible line in them every 3rd disc at least. The TYG02 I got weren’t too bad but still have the occasional bad disc. I’ve had the best luck with burning them in my Liteys but I’ve tried both BenQs(1640,1650), my 111L, both Necs(3500,3540), and my 182D. Yes quite a few people get great discs from the value line, but you can get total crap as well. I’ve prolly tossed a third of the value line TYG03 I bought and most of them had visible defects.