Where to get BW 6 Beta?

where can I get BlindWrite 6 Beta?



However it seems like the installer is password protected.

But this one isn’t!


Looks like you have to use your license key to activate it, instead of that reg file.

Hi there,

Yes, Blindwrite 6 will not use the registry.key anymore.

You will need a new Text Key like PhotoDVD and ConvertXtoDVD.

My GoldMembership Key unlocked it !

So how do existing registered owners with a licence key activate it?, will VSO make this available or are they looking for more money?. If its the latter I wont be too amused as I only purchased version 5 about 3 months ago and I generally expect to get a least 1 years free upgrades!

Hi there,

(I am not a VSO Official) I think you are aloud to 1 year free upgrade.

How will they distribute your new text license ? I have no idea.

I guess you will need to contact them at using this webpage:


I have the GoldMembership and my key unlocked it !

I will ask an VSO Official to see how owners of v5 will get their v6 key !

BTW, VSO just released [B]Blindwrite v6.0.0.7[/B]


Enjoy !


VSO Software has confirmed me, that users needs to do nothing.

VSO will email you, your new Blindwrite v6.0 text key in a few days.

Keep your eyes open :eek:

Thanks for the update and info


Hi there,

VSO just released a new build of Blindwrite v6.0.0.7b :clap:


Sorry I do not have a changelog :eek:

Let VSO know if you have issues :doh:

Is there any change log for this?

Hi there,

Latest build is here:


BlindWrite -

First public Blindwrite 6 version

  • 0000057: [Bug] Will not read DVD image with AnyDVD active

BlindWrite -

Support for Blu-Ray, new registration system, EZ-Play and automatic media detection.

  • 0000135: [Feature Request] Blu-Ray disc support
  • 0000174: [Feature Request] Playability of backups of recent games
  • 0000175: [Feature Request] Automatic media detection
  • 0000140: [Feature Request] Able to select media burn speed (On the Main Interface) when pressing the “Write” button
  • 0000071: [Bug] Eject media setting not working

Sorry I don’t have the Change Logs of v6.0.0.7 and v6.0.0.7b

It seems blindwrite 6 still cant handle the latest securom with premium.

Zyo, can you provide a little bit more information ? games ? logs etc …

Sorry, I didnt try this new version yet, but the latest version of blindwrite 5 cant handle securom 7 with premium any more, and it seems the new v6 doesnt make any progress in that area either(from change log). so I assume there wont be support for securom 7.
I hope you can provide more info on this :slight_smile:

Maybe you should try using BlindWrite 6 then.

It looks like BW 6 Beta is up on the VSO website for the general public now :slight_smile:


I have noticed the change in autoplay, so is this new version able to reproduce working backup of the latest securom V7 or it will need EZ-play installed to function?

Confirmed BW6 not working on Securom 7 with Premium.
Tried one game image made by alcohol, works fine with virtual drive and not burnt.

And if you read an image from the original CD with BW6 then write what happens?

Anyone confirm if Securom 7 can be copied by BW6 with premium?