Where to get black replacement bezels (2) for 740A

Plextor support says not a chance (though they’ll gladly waste a week of my time to tell me that much and blow my return window) and waste another two weeks of my time to do a wholesale rma.

I need ideas on where to get replacement bezels for the 740A - I need two of them and I’d appreciate any ideas

Where are you located and which Plextor support did you talk to EU or USA?

US support, based in freemont california - really not nice people from what I can tell

I’m in washington dc

Yes I have heard that, and I have also heard Plextor Europe support is great. May be worth sending an email to Plextor Europe to see if they have any available and if they do they can probably ship by normal mail (cheaper). Of course you would probably have to buy it from them. Good Luck. :slight_smile:

From Plextor Europe FAQ:

[I]- Can we obtain a different colour of front bezel for a Plextor drive?

Both black and white front bezels can be ordered from Plextor Europe for the latest models only. Price for these is set to 15 € including taxes and transport costs. Payment must be done using either VISA or MASTERCARD. For more details:

Contact form:
http://contact.plextor.be/ [/I]

This is the response from plextor europe

Dear Sir,

For support in your country, please contact Plextor USA: support@plextor.com

They are the exclusive distributors in America for Plextor products.

Kind regards

Peter Vermeulen
Technical Support Engineer
Plextor Europe
Excelsiorlaan 9, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

tel: +32 2 718 03 99
fax: +32 2 718 03 90

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Did you explain that Plextor USA would/could not help you. Maybe send the the original email from Support USA and explain why they couldn’t help you or did not carry the bezels. Worth a try.:slight_smile:

Apparently that is the last word on it - they cannot accept an overseas order and cannot offer help because of corporate policy

That will be the end of my relationship with plextor - 8 years of building and advising their products to clients and if this is what its becoming. it’s time to go ahead and consolidate my relationship with sony

Well here’s my two cents, I don’t think you can blame the policies of two different divisions. Too bad Plextor Europe is way out in front of Plextor USA with their support though. Different countries have different laws and so on. Maybe time to call up an old friend in Europe.:wink:

I do blame plextor…the country shouldn’t really matter and if that is the way they want to handle it - with an incompetent american staff and a restriction on letting their obviously better able european division help anyone.

I have to question why bother with them at all in the states

I think you’ll find that policy pretty universal, of one branch of a company not providing any support to someone in a country where there already is a local presence. It’s not just Plextor.

The Plextor offices are separate business units and basically autonomous from the factory. I also heard the PX-740 was prone to damage if the bezel wasn’t removed/replaced with the greatest of caution. Maybe they (the US support) don’t want to open themselves up to a problem with an “authorized” change that damages a drive??

I suppose that would be true. But if plextor eu can and does supply them. It nulls the idea the american office couldn’t offer the same

If they are separate business units, they can have separate everything…policies, products, marketing, sales, management, etc.