Where to get Benq 1640?

I am looking to get a new Benq 1640. I have looked all over and can only find the oem version, not the retail. I am looking for a place online that sells the retail version. Can someone please post the site. Thank you :bow: :bow:

Welcome to the forum. Most people here will tell you that there is no reason for the retail and you should save some money on the OEM. However, Newegg.com is your best bet when they are in stock. A lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to get a retail and some have just given up online.

I is just the drive and thats it correct. I am knew to this whole market and I think it would be easier for me to figure out the drive with all the stuff inclueded in the retail pack.

You can get the retail version at Computer HQ.


As most of the features related to the drive have to do with burning software and Qsuite, you can probably get more information here than you will ever find anywhere else. I have purchased a few retail drives when the price was better and the documentation was missing or worthless with all but the Plextor Premium so I wouldn’t worry. The main thing to learn is how to flash to the B series firmware if you happen to get the G on the drive you receive. This is no problem on the 1620 and someone here should have a source for a cvt version of a 1640 firmware. There also should be someone here who can tell you if there is any added documentation in the retail version worth it.

Nice catch. Not to bad on shipping either.

I’ve been looking for the retail also… I’ve thought about getting one, but I think I’ll wait and see what the BenQ DW-1650 and the Plextor 760 (both coming soon) are like first!

thanx for all your help guys