Where to get an HD-Burn compatible drive

Does anyone know where I can get a drive that will read HD-Burn CDs, or a good list of which drive models support this? This technology died pretty hard and there’s scarcely any information on it. I’m currently looking for the following models on eBay (with no luck so far):

Sanyo CRD-BPDV2 (I know… good luck with that XD)
Microstar DR4-A / MSI MS-8404A
Acestek/Optorite DD0203

I’ve heard TDK has drives that support it and Optorite must have more than one model out that does. Any information on this is welcome :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there any DDCD/HD-Burn firmware hack?

Don’t know about DDCD, but for HD-Burn, I doubt it. Sanyo never released any documentation on the format, it was never very popular and hardly anyone even remembers it nowadays. I can’t even find a list of drives that support it.

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Then, it should be possible to implement something very similar, just like ReactOS did with Windows.
Either a new, open standard (which is not supported yet by existing devices unfortunately), or reverse-engineering DDCD and Sanyo HD-Burn.

Open and well-documented standards help everybody.