Where to get a LTR-48126S?

Ive been in need for a burner upgrade for some time now. Where is the best place to order the LTR-48126S or whats the best place to buy a rebadged LTR-48126S? Also what model/brand/label would I need to get if I went to a bestbuy to insure i was getting the LTR-48126S??

Thanks for the help!

www.newegg.com if you are in the U.S.

Here’s how I got mine.


newegg or dell. 59 @ newegg.

NewEgg does not yet carry this model.

my bad, you’re right, newegg only has the LTR-48125W

Newegg.com does have it the 48125W for $59 (Retail) and $45 (Bulk) with free s/h, which is an awesome deal in my experience.

Newegg sure does have it, Not a bad price too, free shipping

Check the link above