Where to get a good Lite-On (preferably) reader?

To basically take the wear off my burner and also because it ain’t to great at reading discs - some present it with ‘no reference position found’ (apparently quite typical for that model)…

So anyway, it’s a Lite-On burner and a Lite-On reader would look nice sat on top of it plus I believe Lite-Ons are excellent readers anyway. That’s how I had it before both my previous reader and writer died shortly after one another.

So basically I’m thinking that with burners at around the £20 mark these days, a reader shouldn’t be more than £10. But I find it hard to locate one! I live in the UK by the way; I’ve checked svp and aprmedia but they’ve got nothing much. Is anyone aware of a good place to get one at a good price?

Ebuyer have some in stock. All around £10.


Thanks, actually I just figiured that SVP with Google Checkout (£10 off!) plus and mp3 player (to make it the over £30 for the £10 off) that I’ve needed for a while for the gym comes to a nice little price.

So even though it was around £15, it was more worthwhile. Thanks though. :slight_smile: