Where to get 90-, 99-, & 100-minute CD-Rs in the US?

Hello. I’d like to know where I can get 90- (791-MB), 99- (870-MB), or 100-minute CD-Rs in the US? I’d greatly prefer MAM-E discs, as I know they made high-quality 80-minute ones before & I heard that many of the 90±minute CD-Rs aren’t very good quality, as they’re usually made by no-name manufacturers. Who knows where to get’em in the US? If it’s not possible, who sells the equivalent here?

There’s 90’s. AWESOME distributer too!



Wow. :slight_smile: I know of Rima and they rule in USA! Now, if they only had a nice stash of MAM-J/E/A/Mitsui gold CD-Rs…

Did you test these CD-Rs to see how well they work? Who makes them, BTW?