Where to get 712A cheap?



Hi everyone,

Where is the best place to get a 712 on the cheap? Newegg has refurbished oems for 60$ (77$ for the black version :frowning: ) Is that the best deal online? It seems like a fair price, but I’m a little wary of the refurbished part. Maybe someone here has one of those and would recommend or otherwise?



Currently 712a is more expensive than 716a, why not get a 716a?


Is 712A better than 716? or why would someone buy an obsolete model?


I already have a 716, but I wanted a companion drive (and also not pay so much for one) that also used plextools. I was hoping 712’s might have dropped in price since they are “obsolete” but I guess the scarcity of their supply may have had an opposite effect.


The 712A seems to be all but gone from retail channels, though the 712SA is still available.