Where to find WinOnCD 3.8?

I’ve actually spent a lot of time looking for this, but I haven’t found any working links yet. Anyone know a site where I can download this program? And if possible, the english help file?

Finally found it, anyone else, look here: http://n2.dr.ag/

WinOnCD 3.8 Power Edition German iSO


Roxio brings you the lastest WinOnCD 3.8 PE version at US$ 50, but here at http://www.cdr-warez.net we deliver this great product for free! There is
one “but” though… It is available in German language only… DaMn…

                    Size: 39 x 2.88 MB + 1 x 0.3 MB

Use “www.cdrwarez.net” (without the quotes “”) as the password for the last ZIP file