Where to find the benQ burner

where did you guys buy you benq 1640 i am looking for a unit in the box not oem

Hard to find one bur if you live in US go to www.pricewatch.com and look for it there from a reputable vender to order. Good Luck

Last week Directron still had some, but their site now says that the “product has been discontinued”. If you check on pricewatch, they point you to ewiz, but that is bad news. The page header says “BenQ DW1640”, the part number says “DW1640B”, but further down it says

“Manufacture Part#: DQ60”

and you definitely do NOT want the DQ60. It begins to look like you may have waited too long to buy.

It seems VERY strange to me that Benq would discontinue the 1640 and let the pipeline run dry before they had introduced the replacement model. And I refuse to believe that the DQ60 is intended as a replacement for the 1640.

If you want a BENQ 1640 badly go to COMPUSA to purchase a HIVAL 16X dvd burner which is a rebadged BENQ 1640. :wink:

you might also be able to find one at your local circuit city for 69.99, it isn’t listed on their website but some stores still have black face retail DW1640’s.

my local Micro Center also seems to still have a few beige retail DW1640’s for 89.99 :doh:

You will have to order from Europe :stuck_out_tongue:
http://www.cdiscount.com/mag/list_prod.asp?prix=discount&navid=1070126 …etc

RLipp69 If you are still interested in these suggestion let us know.