Where to find TDK ScratchProof (Durabis) discs?

Hi everyone,
i’m in France and i’m looking for TDK ScratchProof discs (DVD-R/+R/+RW, 4x, 8x or 16x).

Does any one have any idea where to find these?

The only online shop which have TDK ScratchProof discs i’ve found so far is :

Thank you for your help.:bow:

You should contact TDK europe and find what TDK Authorized sellers are carying them. Just search for, “TDK Scratch proof Europe,” from www.google.com adn you’ll find european sellers with them too.


JD, thanks for your answer even if google for it is the 1st thing i’ve done before writing in this forum.

And to let you know i did contact TDK Europe and i had a reply from their Paris Office which told me the following :

  • the Scratchproof products sold in Europe all comes from their factory located in Bascharage, Luxembourg.
  • there is only 2 distributors for Scratchproof products in France, one who only do B2B and the other one i emailed them last week and still wait for the answer.
  • there is a limited list of offline shops but the nearest to me might be 250 km away.
  • for the online shops, well just use google to find them…:eek: and that’s suppose to be funny?
    So, www.blankdiscshop.co.uk aside i still have not found any other serious site to buy TDK ScratchProof products…

Please Help:bow: