Where to find T02 in the UK



Any ideas where i can find branded (sony, verbatim, plextor etc) YUDEN000 T02 in the UK. I kno certain poundlands have Tdks but im looking for a slightly larger quantity. So any websites selling branded versions of these disks?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Try at SVP



aggreed, svp are top notch. I got a bad batch of T02 that didnt come up to my expections scanning wise, and they replaced the two 100 packs of -r with +r for me. Great customer service.


I know SVP do the unbranded ones/TY own brand, but i was looking for branded discs.



Then maybe you should look for Verbatim 8X DVD+R Made In Japan , but of course I don’t know where , I searched svp and only found 16X Verbatim MIJ T03 !


^ This is the problem in the UK, branded 8x discs are very hard to find (aside from Enet Brands), let alone MIJ, in stores or online.