Where to find SCSI CDRW case?



Hi all:

Well, thanks again to all of you for helping me make a VERY informed decision. I ended up ditching the miniature CDRW idea because of speed, and went with a standard-sized Yamaha SCSI.

Now, does anyone know where I can find an external SCSI case for a Yamaha CRW2100?

Preferably, I’m looking for:

  2. Not too, too heavy - ABS Plastic preferred
  3. Something reasonably nice-looking (no industrial beige, plz.)

I especially like the studio drive enclosures from LaCie and
the white ABS cases with the four blue plastic feet pillars that
one used to see on some 3rd party Yamaha drives.

Thanks for any help,


looking to make
the immobile mobile


Perhaps FreeCom has a solution for you.
They have great portable devices and used to have external casing for both CD-ROM and CD-RW, perhaps they still have it, even for SCSI…


there is a company that makes external closures - exept they are in sexy beige. mnnnn nice.

although they do them in SCSI/IDE flavours but with a USB out:

is this what you’re looking for?

if so shout and i’ll find the info.

Mr C


Mr. C:

Thanks for your help. I’m actually looking for a SCSI out, though
(and I’ll use one of those slimline USBS->SCSI converter cables
when I need to connect via USB.

I’m also looking for almost any colour other than beige.

Thanks again anyways, though.