Where to find real MIJ Taiyo Yuden?


Does anyone know where to find MIJ Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs, DVD+Rs and CD-Rs in the USA? I just found out that Taiyo Yuden has stopped producing optical media recently.

Thank you

In shops? Not really.

Maybe you found on ebay some older JVC media MiJ. From private maybe some old TY which was branded by Plextor, Verbatim, Panasonic, Fujifilm. But could be very hard, because most of these brands also use other manufacturers. But my Plextor were all from TY

@Tester_1 I wish i had been keeping up with the news here. I would have stocked up on some MIJ TY. I have less than 50 of Sony branded MIJ YUDEN000 T02 and about less than 50 Sony branded TYG03!


Was also a shocking surprise for me. TY is out of this business, last batches which were JVC-labeled wasn´t as good as older batches.

IMHO the TYG03 and T03 wasn´t good as TYG02/01 and T02.

And the MCC-media getting worse and worse, and if you buy Verbatim you get sometimes MBI-MIDs, awful quality.

What in the world DVDs or CDs do we buy now?

I don´t need something atm, have a big bunch of Ritek, CMC and some older 8x CMC;)

Atm I would prefer Ritek, looks much better than most MCC, MBI and CMC

Ritek??? Really?

The best media I still can get atm (but dunno for how long, MBI is everywhere in Germany)

My older burners (PX-755, GSA-H22L), SH-224DB and some laptop-drives don´t like it that much, but my newer writers can be do nice results with RITEKF1 and RITEK F16

The PI is not the lowest, but actual Liteon-drives show higher PI than older drives.

My overall results and also the results from Nixa_mk, Geteda etc. looks good, better than with most newer MCC-media I had.

CMC vary a lot, only my last bought Philips-branded AM3 were real good.

MBI is the worst media atm I have (except my very exotic 4x-media)

AML 003 can also be good in some writers, but also harder to get. UME02 vary a lot, very good to mediocre results.

The Optodisc-made -R 16x from Piodata were also good, but also to get hard