Where to find older DW-1655 Firmware

Where would I be able to find older firmware for the DW-1655 such as BCAB. I am considering flashing my drive but I want to be able to go back if things go wrong.


This site has BCDB and BCHB, not sure why BCGB is not there. If you require BCGB you can PM me your email and I will send it to you.:slight_smile:

BCGB was a china only released firmware. It’s only available from Benq on their chinese site (it’s very very slow).

You can find them here: Post new BenQ / Philips firmware ANNOUNCEMENTS here

Does anyone have the BCAB firmware which I am currently using. I checked BenQ’s support site but it is not available for download. I would like to be able to go back to this firmware if I don’t like the results after upgrading.

BCAB was never released by Benq to the public and is available nowhere as there is no tool to download the firmware from the drive.
For an upgrade, you can safely use BCDB which is an official Benq release and corrected some bugs in reading of BCAB.
BCHB is considered to introduce abnormal slow-downs in writing.

…for some people.

The only slowdowns I have seen with BCHB so far are perfectly acceptable and help to improve writing quality, e.g. slowdown to 12x at the end of some 16x burns.

I agree with you that slow-downs are, more often than not, advantageous to the quality of 16X burns.

This said, mine with MCC 004 consistently slow down to 4X starting in the region of 4 GB for 16X burns as well as 12X burns. This happens after you have burnt 4 or 5 discs with Solidburn activated.