Where to find new firmware BE06LU10?

Hello All,

I have an new blu-ray burner from LG the BE06LU10 and it have firmware YE03. Now i read a lot about YE04 and YE05 but i cann’t find any firmware for this BE06LU10 burner? Find all kind of firmware’s on LG site but al for other drives.

Could any one help me to find the firmware update?

Thank you!

There is no YE05 firmware. Where did you read about it ?

Hmm did find some post’s on other site’s that there is an ye04 or ye05 but most time the are for other drives so i did wonder if there is one for this drive?

If you meant this post http://club.cdfreaks.com/f142/lg-blu-ray-crossflash-ggw-h20l-gbw-h20l-be06lu10-be06lu11-260811/#post2189324 in post#12, it was a typo by that person. It supposed to be YL04 or YL05 for GGW-H20L. There is no YE05 for BE06LU10. YE03 is the latest.