Where to find last version of Nero 6?

I have version and that seems to be the one currently on neros site.
I see some people refer to later versions here.
Where can I find the latest version?

OOPs, the last version on the nero site is

Open Nero and click the lower R/H button (with flames) click programs and check for update and it should prompt you to update the latest download and send you to the site. HTH.:slight_smile:

That does not work in Nero 7. Do you know how to do it in 7??


No such animal in 7. It’s my understanding that Nero hopes to set up the updater to only download needed files so you’re not stuck having to download large install files to stay up to date. The update link in 7 can be accessed from the Nero start menu folder by selecting the “Nero ProductSetup” shortcut then selecting “Update your Nero Products” and then clicking next.
It presently and, as far as I know, never has worked. :a If you want to know if you have the latest, you have to check out the “about” screen from Burning Rom and compare it to the version offered on the web.

The latest right now is, except I installed the “b” version and it still shows only the previous ver. number. Others that installed the latest also have stated it doesn’t show the “b”.

No changelog for>18
No available (sold with NEC 3551/4551 for labelflash).
A enormous and buggy Nero 7 with enormous updates (100MB).

Nero is in a bad & sad move…