Where To Find Expertise with SoundTrax and Wave Editor

I am reasonably knowledgeable in AV editing, but I am looking for persons/resources who have expertise or at least have a good understanding of how to do different things within SoundTrax and Wave Editor. Skimming through this Nero thread I have found few postings about these tools. The Nero manuals, like most, do not provide much practical application insight. I like to make mixed music cds to play in home and car. I’m fussy about the segueways and don’t like the limitations of the automatic fades/mixing in SoundTrax; Instead I create individual tracks for each song and overlap ending song with beginning of next song (track.)

I’m also looking for a good resource to get a better understanding of the different burn rate settings for different formats, such as for Wav, WMP, MP3 and for burning a standard music cd. I’d also like to learn more about how to minimize loss of quality when converting a file between different formats, such as converting from a music cd to wav file for editing, then back to music cd format, etc.?

Thanks in advance for directions.