Where to find dma?

I have read on alot of the replies to make sure that your burner is on “dma” if you have slow burning and i am totally lost as to where to find this at???Hi I am severely new…I am in awe of dvdfab platinum I think of all the dvds we had to throw away because they were too scratched up and wouldnt play anymore…love it love it…anyways if someone could help it would be great !! :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum, and see the link in my sig for enabling/checking DMA :slight_smile:

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Fortunately Arachne is on the ball for a change. (+ own link). :iagree: :bigsmile: :cool:

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wow thank you so much thats the kind of info i like step by step I am so happy that means there must be others out there who are just learning what to do !!! I have fixed it hopefully just have to go restart the computer …im keeping my fingers crossed :clap:

Glad to help :)…if simply changing the transfer mode doesn’t help after a reboot, uninstall the IDE channel that your burner is on in Device Manager, then reboot :wink:

There are always people learning and everyone will learn something new from time to time. There are those like me too that just forget stuff :o

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Hi dvd fab gold will put right your dma if you care to download it.it is a great piece of software.and it updates quiet often.try it you wont be disapointed