Where to find CREATIVE PC-DVD 12x encore firmware?

So I learned that i can’t do quality checks with my NEC 3500 (CDspeed).
Got an old creative DVD-reader (with some dvd expansion card and a remote I don’t use : don’t know how :rolleyes: ). But he also acts funny with CDspeed.

Guest it couldn’t harm to give him some new firmware, if only i knew where to find it… :confused:

i used to have that drive and card, the card is a dxr3 board, the drivers can be found at the folowing link for windows xp and windows 2000 users.

Once there click on storage devices, then PC-DVD, then theres the choice between the encore 12x infra and the dxr3 board itself, i think clicking on either leads you to the same drivers page anyway so doesn’t matter which you pick.

Thx, but that isn’t firmware.
I tried the drivers om the creative site, works, but I don’t know what the expansion card good for is.

oops sorry about that, got my firmware and my drivers mixed up. As far as i know there aren’t any firmware updates for this drive (a quick check on google confirmed this), only region hacks dotted about the place, the only updates that were ever on the creative site (when i had the drive) were driver updates for the dxr3 card as windows xp really does not like that card.

The expansion card is for playback of dvds, its a hardware decoder so you should get better picture quality than a software decoder (like power dvd for example) but having experienced both i wouldn’t say that its that much better. Is that any help?

Check this out: http://www.allfirmwares.com/units.php?m=Creative&type=3

screw that copy website. I had a Creative DVD1241e for a while, it died after about 1 year of use. If that’s what you have, there’s firmware here: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=60

We are not in a pub and I am not drinking beer with you. And that’s logically leads to the conclusion: refrain in the future from that language if you ever refer to any of my posts.

If the website I cited is not the best one, just say it. You have enough reputation to believe you.

Of course I may just be biased… :wink:

That website copied the firmware database from The Firmware Page and put some ads on the top. It’s kind of annoying to see someone’s work (Arzeno has maintained the firmware page since like 1997) copied like that.

Whatever my reputation is I don’t know. I’m still just a normal person.

You do a great job as we all know.
If the owners of the site are just copying the content from other sites, then it is an explanation for me.
Taking into consideration the above mentioned, the site in question is deleted from my database.

Thx for the links, I got the DVD1242E , seems to me that the only modification is the region free patch. Not quit what I was hoping for.
But I refuse to buy an other DVDreader before this one crashes. (Crash mtfer :a )