Where to find cheapest Mitsuit Gold CDR?

I looked on pricewatch and the cheapest I could find is .79/disc. Could I do better than that? I’m going to make a copy of my CD collection to listen in the car. I insist on Mitsui because the condition in the car is pretty harsh and I want the best audio possible.


I always try and use quality media, having got through hundreds of Kodak and Mitsui media. Of the 700 Mitsui SG Ultra II’s, around 3% showed a slowdown or had yellow sectors in nero.

Most of the new Mitsui’s are ‘mame’ branded ones and the quality is not as good - even older ‘Mitsui’'s had a dye change.

The best quality cdr’s you can get I would say are the x48 TY ones - Plextor brnaded x48 media is TY. The dye may be Cyanine, but the quoted lifetime of this media when treated well is 100 years - yeah, fine :slight_smile:

The car is a harsh environment, but I assume you mean the general temperature and bumps rather than leave the media on the back shelf in the sun - not a good idea for any media. A test I did with Mitsui media in direct sunlight gave 0 errors after 2 weeks which is great. Still, the Mitsui gold spec’s only guarantee 600 plays for their quality media - this would seem to indicate no recorded cdr’s are meant to last for ages if played continually. Which is why I archive to quality media and watch divx / svcd on the pc and listen to mp3 on the pc or other device all after copying the data to the device or HD.


Is this the kind you’re talking about? http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=R&Category_Code=TY

100 pack for $28, pretty good to me, any place cheaper though?

Thanks for the help

Originally posted by Irons82
Is this the kind you’re talking about?
100 pack for $28, pretty good to me, any place cheaper though?

Yes, that’s the place.

You can also check CD Freaks Bargain Basement for regular posts like this one >

100 Fuji 48x for $8 AR @ Best Buy

recently best buy had 50 packs for $3 after rebate. fuji deals at best buy are fairly common now.