Where to find cheap Verbatim DVD+R?



SVP is still out of MCC004 as well as MIJ DVD+R.

Anyone have an alternate place to buy these, reliable and will ship to Belgium?

I need some backup media as my Plextors continue to disappoint me (PIE OK but extremely dense PIF clusters, 2-3 per disc, 500-1000 errors per cluster, with no visual defects or damage to the discs. Terrible TRTs as well on my Pio 109.

That’s the third batch of Plextors that has problems, each time different problems, so I’m fed up and looking for greener pastures.



Just a thought, have you emailed Steve at SVP to see if he can give you an estimate on when he’ll have them back in stock? :slight_smile:


No I haven’t, but they’ve been out for a long while now (of MCC004) so it’s not like they have a reliable supplier.



good job i got my 100 MIJ verbies last week :bigsmile:


I just got 300 printable MCC004 from svp. Prime discs for backup. Those and T(YG)02 printables are the excellentest stuff i’ve seen :wink: If you want (relative) safety there’s no reason saving 0.05 £ pr disc


What was the product number at SVP? And were they MII or MIT (Prodisc or CMC)?




both out of stock just now, as [B]Arachne[/B] says, email steve and ask him


Infiniti MCC 004 is every bit as good as Verbatim.



svp # 3199 - CMC discs :slight_smile:

I bought lots of these and they are always perfect. I save the hassle deciding about MII,MIT, MIJ - MBI, CMC or Prodisc. For more than a year these have always been the same quality… in my eyes :wink:


Agreed there…might be worth looking at :wink:


Infiniti are better quality than Verbatim (at least US Verbatim), IMHO. Their quality control is better. I can’t get them here in the US. I would if I could… a friend sent me some samples. There maybe some issues with how they age compared to the embossed Verbatim branded because the Infiniti are printed on top… in the short run, they are certainly excellent.

Burned at 12x with the Benq 1640 with Nero 7. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice burn. My Infiniti MCC004s burn well too :slight_smile:


digitalpromo have verbatim mcc 004’s in stock.


Lord of the Deals has infiniti disc’s


100 DVD-R 8x Full Face Inkjet Printable
DVD-R 8 Speed, Full Face Inkjet Printable [B]MCC Dye[/B]

100 DVD-R cello wrapped spindle.

Price: £12.63 (Including VAT at 17.5%)

watch out, a lot are ritek


Excellent Verbatim (MBI) discs i got about a month ago. Same fine quality as the MIT i usually get :slight_smile:


Doesn’t look any better or worse than most of the MCC004 I’ve used here in the US.


[B]Dalen Quaice:[/B]

How does a scan at 16x look? I have some recent Verbatim media which scans very similarly at standard speeds/high speed, which for me is my personal benchmark for truely excellent media as very few discs are able to pass :wink:


It doesn’t get much better than Dalen Quaice’s scan above. I have been burning MCC004 for as long as they have been available and I have not seen better.:clap:


I have not tried scanning or burning any Infiniti at 16x. I’m not sure I can find this disc now to retest and I don’t have anymore. I’ll see about getting my friend to send more over to me. My friend says they all burn quite similarly to the one I posted. He’s gone through loads of 25 packs.

Anyway, below is my typical result from USA Verbatim 16x MCC 004 branded discs on the same drive. While this is a good burn, it just isn’t quite as prestine as the Infiniti on the same drive.

Also, I quite frequently get weaker batches of the Verbatim, such as the bottom scan. While not coasters, they are just not what you expect from A grade media.


REALLY? Can anyone confirm this. I’m always open to new ideas for media.