Where to find cheap discs?



something like 100pack for $10?

brand and quality don’t matter since they’re for travel


Supermediastore.com special clearance sale - no returns.


thanks love their stuff hate the shipping price.

anymore else?


If Staples ever puts the Playo discs on sale again, they actually burn quite well for cheap media. They were $4.94 per 50 pack during their President’s Day sale but it may be awhile before they have another price that good. Prices this low rarely come along, even with the worst of media, so you may have to wait awhile.


How about this?<br>
Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R Silver Shiny 100 Pack + Free Ground Shipping [B]$29.99.[/B]<br>
supermediastore.com offers right now.




Maybe you guys will be interested in this:
[B]300 PACK[/B] White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD-R [B]$68.99[/B]



You could look at shop4tech they have cheap disk and do not charge for shipping but I for one would rather use good disk even if I have to pay more.