Where to download legal movies?

I have never done this. I have Bitorrent, but not sure how to use it. Where do I go from here? Thanks.

Not if you want legal movies. Torrents can be used to obtain all sorts of legal software and media, but only stuff that was free in the first place. Well, as far as I know, that is.

As for how to use bittorrent, you need a torrent indexer site. Mininova and torrentspy are two good ones to start.

No such thing as d/l “legal” movies, I’m afraid. Some people use Emule, Azureus, Limewire for ‘free’ d/l’ing, while some might pay to be able to d/l movies from pay sites that let you d/l so many gb/mo. Of course, many go the “free” route, maybe d/l the .avi, then re-encode it to a higher video quality format. That’s wandering a bit from what you asked, but if you want to go the ‘safest’ route and d/l movies and you prefer to pay you could try those high-speed pay sites or do a Netflix 3/time “unlimited” subscription/mo. ($17.99–which would be cheaper), and make backups of the movies you want to see.

I cannot imagine there are no legal sites to download movies from. There must be sites that have copyright free movies (independent movies) and/or paysites where you can download movies at a fee to cover copyrights.

Public Domain movies

I can think of a few that are not free but use torrent to download legally clonedvd from elby being one of them…(3rd option for download)

As for downloading movies legally i believe movielink are about or have started in us

Heh. Just came out at Slyck.

Well, I’ve seen nothing at the archive of ‘free’ movies that are worth d/l’ing and not anything groundbreaking that I see there. Even PBS stuff is only ‘1-year license,’ then you’re supposed to destroy the copy, or pay PBS $20-$30 for a DVD that costs only $1 to make. yeesh. Sure, people can d/l movie trailers ‘legally,’ but then the link for the VOD deal would make it pay-per-month to ‘legally’ have the movie on your HD, so sure people could d/l a movie ‘legally’ if one pays basically full price for it, pays a paysite to d/l movies (but at a certain GB limit/mo.)…yeesh. If I have to buy gargantuan HDs and have much faster than regular DSL 1.5 mb d/l just for starters, I sure don’t see the point to that or d/l’ing the ‘indie’ route. Either way, I figure I covered myself by mentioning the paysites in my orig. post–but that’s expensive and more time-intensive still than renting a DVD you like and going from there. I mean really…few people will go the bittorrent route, Emule, Limewire, Bearshare or whatever for ‘legal’ and ‘free’ stuff in the first place. Basically, anything that’s worth watching or has any modicum of creativity means someone will have to pay something just the view it. Anyway, I don’t want to ramble, as I’m sure I’ve made my point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Golfmore, I realize you were looking for an answer on how to use bittorrent, but due to the sensitive nature of using any program of that kind, and restrictions here, I can only nicely point you to read the FAQ of the corresponding program you’re currently using, as to tell you exactly what to do in this one case is kind of a no-no here.:eek:

Not really. Lookie here… a whole lot of torrents for free-as-beer software.
Basically you search for a torrent file in one of those sites, then download it and fire up your favorite torrent download tool (mine is BitTornado, but uTorrent is good too). Feed it the torrent to get it to start downloading the actual file(s). (actually, once installed the torrent downloaders automagically start whenever you doubleclick a torrent).

I respect your tastes so I understand if some people will not find anything of interest at archive.org. The movies are often ‘B’ movies and those that are not are usually 50 years old or more. But there are a number of highly regarded older movies available for download there if you are interested in older films. And of course there are a large number of films that aren’t necessarily well known that some will find interesting. If newer films are your only interest, you’ll find nothing at archive.org. If you have interest in older films, it is a nice source for them.

I have used these two for about a year now.



I prefer movielink. It has a very wide genre of movies. The quality of both are very good too. ML has a hi-def format out now.

Thanks. I see with Movielink, you have to use IE.

I watch the movies with WMP and they are very sharp. Actually, we’ve had the whole family flopped down in the room together watching a movie on my computer! Kinda close quarters though.

You can probably use Mozilla if you don’t like IE. I’m not sure. Cinemax usually has better prices. And both are good. Movielink tends to have the newer DVD releases quicker.

Really don’t think burning from Netflix should have been included in you reply. Sorry but from what I see on most forums, is not to recommend piracy.

try newsleecher

just found a great site for downloading movies its http://veoh.com/ , you have to download a program but all seems good. You get a preview of all the movies before you download them. Just started on night of the living dead.