Where to download clonecd

Where to download clonecd

Since v4.0.0.1 not compatible with my system.
I previously used v3.3.4.1 great!

But when I update to comes with many problem, can’t read some cd, error with writing, etc.

Please help me, thanks

You can get CloneCd version and most all released versions of CloneCD here.

did you try uninstalling clone cd first then reinstalling newest version of it?

does that work?

Yeah it would be better to get CloneCD to work. Can you give us some more information like what operating system, writer, etc you’re using?

iP4 1.6AGhz
Mobo GA-8SRX
256 DDR Apacer PC2100
Geforce3 64 Pure
Windows XP Professional Edition

Anything else?
I’m using Adaptec ASPI Layer 4.70
Previously I’ve trouble w/ DMA option using CloneCD
But it’s never happened on NERO or older

I don’t have any Roxio software installed!

go to this site and go to the downloads section and go to cdr software go to elaborate bytes and download the clonecd3 cleaner uninstall cloncd 3 restart your machine then run the cleaner it will clean any registry entries that are left from clone then try installing ccd4 final here is the site

  cheers  bighun