Where to download CD Cover Inlay's from?

There are plenty of CD cover websites out there, but where can I download inlays from?

Any advice appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Strange posting a request in the living room. Well from the same place you get the covers. All of them are reliant on people to scan in and upload the stuff. Therefore some come with inlays and some don’t. It’s the luck of the draw.

where on this site could I request an inlay for a certain CD (now 63)

do you think anyone on here who has that CD would be kind enough to do it?



Hi and welcome to the forum.
Can you not scan the inlay card from your original CD?

thats not even a working website sorry

plus if you mean www.cdcovers.cc that took audio off a while back :frowning:

yeah… i made a crafty edit… check the other site

cheers ‘haveacigar’, unfortunately though none of those sites have what I was looking for on

dee-27, i dont have the inlays from the original CD

what cover are you looking for?, and what do you mean by inlay? the inner inlay or outer inlay?

Ah, you don’t have the inlay, or you don’t have the original CD?

hmm… i just assumed he didnt have a scanner…

Very good question. :iagree:


He’s looking for the inlay for Now 63. :slight_smile:

well ill just give him the benifit of the doubt


Good site :iagree:…I, of course, have a very elderly scanner. :slight_smile:

I dont have a scanner… thats why i use these sites :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I have to admit they’re handy when I can’t be arsed switching on my scanner (it’s SCSI, so has to be switched on before the PC, and more often than not, I forget…).

be arsed??
plz translate…for a poor Belgian :sad:

means be bothered… english slang…

Belgians rock…and you make the best chocolate :iagree:

Can’t be arsed = can’t be bothered, i.e. too lazy :bigsmile:

Please don’t turn these threads into chatrooms. :cop: