Where to download and purchase GameJack and MovieJack?

GameJack and MovieJack are software packages developed by the german software developers Engelmann Media located in Dortmund Germany.

GameJack is an application to make backups of protected games and MovieJack is an application to create backups of movies.

Updates can be found on the CD Freaks News site: http://www.cdfreaks.com

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I purchased MovieJack 3 two days ago and I have still heard nothing from them as far as getting my serial number. I have been unable to get anyone to answer my email so I am wondering if anyone else has had these problems. They have my money and so far I have a piece of crap…

Don Bruce

It’s been weekend, you know? :slight_smile:
As far as I know there is still a small problem with the shop system which requires manual processing even of CC orders. This will be fixed soon (hopefully) and the annoying delays will be a thing of the past then, too.

Hi, I live in Mauritius. Whare can I buy Gamejack?


Hi, My friend and I have got both of these, you can [NO promotion of illegal actions here! -DS] spend about £30 each and get it from www.Slysoft.com.

Hope this helps,

If i download the trial its not going to be filled with adware is it ?

^ No.

GameJack is called (5star Game copy) now